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The lotus-like dishes and bobeches are exquisite examples of hand cut crystal. The remarkable optical purity of the crystal is especially apparent in the oversized dish at the heart of the chandelier.

Whether it is our centuries of Bohemian tradition, or the passion, skill and creative vision of our craftsmen and lighting artists, our innovative ideas continually lead us to unconventional designs that reach far beyond the predictable and ordinary. The history and art of traditional glassmaking can be found under one single roof in Crystal Valley. An unbelievable space of 900 square meters of creative energy and craftsmanship blows life into one of a kind objects and installations made out of glass of the highest quality, ingeniously penetrated by sources of light. The process is unbelievably complex and interdisciplinary, involving many different specializations and teams of experts in respective fields. Every manufactured piece is therefore touched by a number of skilled hands and imprinted with Bohemian heritage, strengthening its surface with authenticity and originality.