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    Besa - Brio 14 - Pendant Satin Nickel w/Gold Foil Glass

    Add To Cart The Brio 14 is a wide yet compact handcrafted glass, softly radiused to fit gracefully into contemporary spaces. Our Gold Foil glass is sparkling and metallic. Distressed metal foil is applied to the inner surface of a glossy clear blown glass. This décor is full of textured and depth, however the outer surface of the glass is smooth. When lit the glass comes to life, as the distressed foil allows glimpses of light to pass through. This blown glass is handcrafted by a skilled artisan, utilizing century-old techniques passed down from generation to generation. Each piece of this décor has its own artistic nature that can be individually appreciated.
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    Besa - Pape 12 Pendant Satin Nickel w/Glitter Glass

    Add To Cart The Pape is a wide yet compact handcrafted glass, with distinctive ridges, softly radiused to fit gracefully into contemporary spaces. Glitter glass is a clear blown and a technologically advanced crystal coating applied to the inside. The coating contains multiple micro-layers of glass particles that create unique prismatic optical properties, which effectively alter both the reflected and transmitted light. So unlit, it appears like a frosted glass; when lit, it becomes alive with dazzling light effects.
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    Besa - Pica 9 Pendant Satin Nickel w/Gold Sand Glass

    Add To Cart Pica 9 is a tapered glass treated with a band of natural sand applied to the interior, with an angled top and a radiused return at the bottom. Its retro styling will gracefully blend into today’s environments. The Gold Sand decor begins with a clear blown glass, with glossy outer finish. We then, using a handcrafting technique, carefully apply a band of actual fine-grained sand to the inner surface of the glass, where white color is fully saturated into the coating for a bold statement. A final clear protective coating is applied to seal and preserve the accent material. The result is a beautifully tenured work of art, comfortable with the irony of sand being applied to a glass that originates from sand. When illuminated, the colors shimmers through the noticeable refraction's created by every granule, as the sand patterning is obvious and pleasing.
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    Besa - Zen - Pendant Satin Nickel w/Blue Bubble Glass

    Add To Cart The Zen Blue Pendant is a transitional design composed of a transparent Blue "Hour-Glass" shaped glass , with an interesting bubble pattern blown randomly throughout the glass. The pleasing play of light through the shade's bubble accents makes for a striking affect, created by the exposed light source positioned inside the shade.
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