Avoid Lighting Tariffs

If you’re planning a big project or renovation, now is the time to buy your lighting and fans.

The Administration-imposed tariffs on products from China will increase the cost of many fixtures by as much as 25%. Light ‘N Leisure can help you beat the tariffs by holding orders for as long as 90 days at today’s prices – at no cost to you. Some orders can be held even longer upon request in our Danvers, Kingston or Milford showroom.

Many lighting fixtures and ceiling fans are manufactured wholly or in part in China. The lower labor and tool costs, and existing manufacturing infrastructure all result in lower products costs for the consumer. China is also a leader in LED technology, which has become the predominant energy source for lighting.

However, the tariffs that are being imposed on imports from China will result in higher prices on lighting and ceiling fans.

Don’t pay more: buy your lighting and fans now and let us hold them for you until you need them.

Source : https://ustr.gov/about-us/policy-offices/press-office/press-releases/2018/june/ustr-issues-tariffs-chinese-products